November 13, 2017

Wearable Wireless Camera

Capture the Magic Moment with Wearable Wireless Camera

How about purchasing a wireless camera that does all the job and captures single second moments with utmost ease? At Vyoocam, we offer a wide range of Wearable Wireless Camera that will make you go crazy. Pursue your passion for photography and experience a different feel altogether when it comes to enjoying special events with family and friends. Its handsfree design will give you a convenient access round the clock along with the feature of HD picture quality that will make pictures come to life each time you click a snap.

What does a Wireless Camera do?

When we say wireless, it means that a device can be connected via Bluetooth or wireless technology without much of a hassle. In case of cameras as well just attach them to any pair of glasses and stay handsfree throughout. The benefit of Best Wearable Wifi Camera is that they are user-friendly and can connect to any Bluetooth and Wi-Fi device in time.

The team of Vyoocam is highly skilled professionals who are immensely talented in their respective streams. Therefore, they create and develop cameras that are high-end and help you pursue your passion for photography to the core. Just connect to our team, and they will guide you through an array of products that we have to offer our customers. Surely, you enjoy every second of these Wireless Recording Camera and capture life in it.



Vyoocam is a wearable device that can be attached to any glasses: dioptric (prescription), sunglasses, protective glasses, fashion ones…

SOON we will offer a variety of cool and affordable glassless frames as a perfect camera mount.

To our first customers we’ll ship set of clips in 3 different colors for free. PREORDER NOW!


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