November 13, 2017

Wearable HD Video Camera

Stay Handsfree with Wearable HD Cameras

Times have changed and so have the technology. The digital camera industry has taken a considerable leap from the conventional designs to simpler and compact versions. Yes, now you can mount your cameras on heads or merely attach it to the glasses and capture all the precious moments in no time. At Vyoocam, we offer some of the best Wearable HD Video Camera that you may carry all the time to trips or important occasions. These cameras are a fun way to enjoy every moment while you’re on trips or planning to cover special events like weddings or birthday parties.

The best thing about our range of Wearable Small HD Video Camera is the fact that these are highly efficient regarding picture quality and gives you the perfect coverage in need of the hour. So, capture every bit of life in these small but highly skilled HD Wearable Video Camera and live each moment. Buy HD Video Camera from our portal and get started instantly. The high-quality HD video camera will record your memories to cherish every moment later on with family and friends.

The design of these cameras is simple and extremely convenient to carry along. So, those of you fond of filming High Quality HD Video Camera try your hands on these marvelous video cameras that we offer to you. We build some of the best handsfree HD video cameras that you can use for endless purposes. Just order now and have it delivered to your doorsteps. All our products are certified and come with a warranty so that we cater to your concerns during troubleshooting. For any matter that you may experience while using these cameras, merely contact our representatives who may guide you through our processes and products for a more accurate overview.



Vyoocam is a wearable device that can be attached to any glasses: dioptric (prescription), sunglasses, protective glasses, fashion ones…

SOON we will offer a variety of cool and affordable glassless frames as a perfect camera mount.

To our first customers we’ll ship set of clips in 3 different colors for free. PREORDER NOW!



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