Why to build a camera that will run mobile apps?

To build a new and innovative wearable device, the one that customer need, requires thinking outside-the-box. Vyoocam team has found out that users love the camera built-in their mobile devices. They see it as the most advanced camera ever. Strangely, the reason why they like the camera built-in in their smartphone was not because of its superb video quality but because of its capability to work with mobile apps.

Vyoocam is a hands-free device

The team found out that businesses love mobile apps too, particularly apps built for video conferencing (calls). In addition, many businesses developed their own SaaS. Those apps support their business, especially their team members working in the field (in field services).

Businesses Need Hands-Free Camera like Vyoocam

But still, as much as they like the camera built-in in the smartphone, businesses have a big problem using it. Why? Because a smartphone is not a hands-free device. To use mobile apps, people need to hold a smartphone in their hands and that makes a big problem for those working in the field. Most of the time, those people need to have their hands free to work on something so to hold a smartphone camera in their hands creates a problem. As an example, to make a video call with a smartphone to get help from remote experts, to get training or inspection, in many business situations is not an easy task.  

To solve the problem, as a hands-free device, businesses are trying to use Smart Glasses but that creates other problems. Listening to customer reactions, alongside very awkward form factor with a head-up display, they had problems with how to voice navigate them, with how to use a complex UIX projected on a head-up display, with devices bad battery life, and at the end, with a lack of apps.

Vyoocam can Be Connected with your Android Device

Smart Glasses use a head-up display to project a custom-built OS on it and, as a result,  there are no apps for such devices because developers need to develop custom apps to work with a head-up display. Even broadly used apps like Skype, Zoom any many others are not available for Smart Glasses.

Listening to those complaints, Vyoocam decided to build a very easy to use wearable camera which will solve all the problems customers have with smartphones and devices like Smart Glasses. 

The goal was to build a wearable camera that will be:

  • hands-free
  • capable to run any mobile app
  • capable to connect to any WiFi network
  • capable to pair to any Bluetooth headphones
  • capable to attach to any eyewear
  • small and robust to fit pockets
  • easy on the battery


Vyoocam is a Hands-free Smart Device