Transforming mobile communication for Businesses

Vyoocam is transforming mobile communication for businesses with its goal to replace hand-held mobile devices with Vyoocam hands-free devices, especially in situations where professionals working in the filed use mobile apps to receive training, perform inspection or get assistance from remote experts.

Vyoocam Solves Solves Hand Held Device Problem

Vyoocam is the first wearable device running on a standard Android OS with Google Play store preinstalled. That's why only Vyoocam supports thousands of apps already built for businesses. By running video conferencing apps only, Vyoocam presents an enormous potential for cost savings, more specifically reducing travel and training expenditures, ultimately improving business profitability.

According to Gartner, in 2018, total U.S. training expenditures including payroll and spending on external products and services took an upward trajectory, soaring 14.2 percent to $70.6 billion. Spending on outside products and services skyrocketed 29 percent from $6.1 billion to $8 billion, while other training expenditures (i.e., travel, facilities, equipment) more than doubled to $28.7 billion. With Vyoocam, the plan is to grab a large portion of the 28.7 billion dollar market, especially the part where businesses spend money on travel and equipment.

And if we talk about cost savings, starting from 2020, one billion dollars are projected yearly cost savings only on travel expenses from using devices like Vyoocam in the field service industry.

Today, in many B2B use cases, people working in the field are using internet connection and mobile Apps to communicate between themselves or with remote experts. By using apps for live video calls, remote experts are helping people working in the field to solve the problem they encountered, but in many cases, they are providing training or inspection too.

All of that is possible because of the 4G/LTE and soon 5G broadband internet available almost everywhere. Those technologies are providing an infrastructure needed for live video conferencing, video streaming and AI-powered mobile apps. Apps are allowing experts to, in a real-time, see and hear what's happening at the site and at the same time, to talk back to those people working in a field. 

So why Vyoocam? In many situations, technical personnel finds it challenging to use mobile devices when their hands need to be free to perform high-quality work. Unlike with mobile devices, with Vyoocam professionals working in a field can use the same apps they use on their mobile devices, but while having their hands free.

In the end, because Vyoocam is a POV (point-of-view) camera, by using Vyoocam to communicate with remote experts, remote experts can actually feel as if they were there. 

B2B use cases where Vyoocam can be used:

- Ad hoc Inspection

- Routine Inspection

- Corrective Maintenance, Routine Maintenance,

- Live customer support

- Remote Expert Assistance

- Training & How-to procedures

- Workflow Management, Workstream

- Emergency for Personnel

- Emergency for Machinery

- Quality Control

- E-learning,

- Tele-presence

- Tele-medicine

- Remote monitoring

- Remote Live shopping,

- Barcode Scanning

- Video Recording

Advantages of using Vyoocam in the business workflow are:

+ Enhance Operational Efficiency

+ Create New Revenue Channels

+ Innovative Collaboration