Introducing the latest customers

Vyoocam is disrupting camera business with its hands-free communication devices that are ideal for businesses. Its camera is the first wearable device capable of running mobile apps and therefore is perfect for supporting in-field services. Cutting-edge AI experiences are possible in camera, audio and security thanks to the built-in AI Engine.

Because of its unique capabilities, so far almost 150 companies requested to pilot Vyoocam devices. Many of those are Fortune500 companies who pre-ordered Vyoocam devices to test them as soon as possible. If pilot programs and testings result with positive feedback from their employees and/or technicians, there's a great opportunity to sell additional units only to those customers. 

So far, our biggest customer and supporter has been from Australia who preordered 41 units in total. 

With its preorder of 8 units, has been the latest addition to our customer list from the automotive world. is one of our most recent customers who wants to test Vyoocam camera devices and its live video-streaming capabilities for law enforcement.

Other customers who have recently preordered Vyoocam devices or opted for Vyoocam Pilot Program for Businesses are:

Vyoocam team is ready to talk to every potential customer to explain how Vyoocam works, to explore if Vyoocam customization to particular business case needs to be done, to evaluate which business use cases Vyoocam can help the most and more. 

If You're a business owner and you're interested in how Vyoocam can help you, don't hesitate to contact us via