Vyoocam won China Mobile Innovation and Silicon Valley

CIMC2018 is a major international innovation and entrepreneurship Competition event sponsored by the Shenzhen and Heyuan Municipal Government of China.

2018 China HeYuan International Mobile Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition

This competition attracted over 60 entries from several countries covering a wide range of technical fields in mobile phones and electronic communications, including sensor and chips, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, microelectronics, the blockchain, machine learning, and 3D engines. After the rigorous and fair screening, a total of 20 projects were selected for the Silicon Valley final.

The jury consisted of senior technical experts, professors, CEOs, R&D directors, and senior investment experts.

Vyoocam wearable camera in CMIC2018

The event was kicked off with a short promotion film showed the vigorous development and economic advantages of Heyuan City.

Through roadshows, the presenters of the projects demonstrated a technical characteristic, a market prospect and a business plan to the judges and the audience one by one. After the presentation, these presenters also answered questions.

The entire competition lasted more than four hours. After the judges evaluated and scored all the projects, awards were announced. As a winner, Vyoocam was invited to China to participate in the global finals in Heyuan.

Vyoocam Wins China Mobile Innovation Competition

2018 ▪ China ▪ Heyuan International Mobile Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (CIMC2018) is guided by the Heyuan Municipal Government. CIMC2018 is sponsored by the Shenzhen Counterpart Support Heyuan Command Office and the Management Committee of Heyuan High-tech Zone, and undertaken by the Competition and Innovation Industry (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Venture Capital Association.

Heyuan High-tech Zone is known as the Guangdong Mobile Phone Production Base and Guangdong Mobile Phone Industry Cluster Upgrade-Demonstration Zone. Equipped with a well-organized industry foundation, Heyuan High-tech Zone has reached the production capacity of 70 million mobile phones. Guided by the vision of innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared development, CIMC2018 aims to implement the strategy of innovation-driven development. Following the theme The Age of 5G Communication for Heyuan. CIMC2018 focuses on the cutting-edge technology of mobile phones and electronic communications industry, with a prospect to attract domestic and overseas talents and to enhance cross-region coordination and cooperation. CIMC2018 strives to improve regional industrial cluster and regional influence of Heyuan, and therefore make new ground in pursuing opening up on all fronts.

A total of nine competition division will be set up in China and overseas for CIMC2018. Focusing on the upstream and downstream of the electronic communications industry, such as design, development, manufacturing, functional modules and application supporting of mobile phones, CIMC2018 aims to recruit teams and corporations with technologies and innovative products from all over the world. CIMC2018 offers a prize pool of 8.17 million RMB. More than 30 leading domestic and overseas enterprises in mobile phone and electronic communications industry, as well as hundreds of experienced investors from more than 50 professional investment companies, will be participated in CIMC2018, not just for reviewing but also seek for opportunities to invest and cooperate with participants with outstanding performance. The well-established mobile phone industry of Heyuan also provides participants with the chance to carry out collaboration with business partners from different fields, advance economic cooperation and exchanges, and promote common development.