Design A clip-on Wearable Camera From Scratch

Vyoocam team chose not an easy task to build a complete product from scratch. When talking about the design of the product there are several key points our team had to follow: 

  • appealing form factor
  • applicability to a large variety of different eyewear
  • easy clip-on mechanism
  • the smallest possible size that can fit electronics
  • rugged design
  • a heat conducting materials
  • a lightness of the enclosure
  • thermal management through the enclosure

The work began with several hand-drawn scatches done by our design team.

Although there were several appealing design scatches proposed by the design team, the one we choose to continue to work with was the one that complied to all requirements stated from our embedded hardware design team.

To make sure if the form factor was good enough, we did several 3D printings to try how they work with several regular glasses. 


Because we already had experience with customers using Smart Glasses and all the problems they have with wearing them, the main idea was to come up with the best possible form factor that will easily clip-on to most of the eyewear people already have, especially to regular glasses.