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Vyoocam was selected as one of the top Safety Technology vendors in the world.

DuPont Sustainable Solutions is the world's largest network of safety technology vendors where Vyoocam was selected as one of the top Safety Technology vendors in the world. 

Mediate and Vyoocam are empowering People in Physical Spaces with AI and computer vision tech on wearable cameras.

Vyoocam is partnering with Mediate to combine the power of AR platforms and computer vision to understand physical spaces in new, innovative, and effective ways. Their AI solutions are optimized to work in real-time and locally (privately) on edge devices like Vyoocam's wearable camera.

Vyoocam - the winner of 2019 WearIT Innovation Summit

On June 26th. @WearIT Innovation Summit in Berlin, Vyoocam was selected as The Best Wearable Startup from Europe.

Vyoocam among The Top 50 online tech-stores in Germany.

By the Expertentesten, Vyoocam was selected as one of the Top 50 technology online stores in Germany.

Introducing the latest customers

Because of its unique communication capabilities, so far almost 150 companies requested to pilot Vyoocam camera devices. Many of those are Fortune500 companies who pre-ordered Vyoocam devices to test them as soon as possible. Check the latest customers and join them!

Pitching your Business in San Francisco (Silicon Valley)

Pitching is not an easy task. As a foreign startup founder who's pitching in Silicon Valley, I have a few tips to share about how to make your pitch work better.

More advanced than any video straming or video capturing camera

Vyoocam may look like an action camera but its communication capabilities go far beyond what any action camera can do. Its capability to run apps makes a huge difference.

Transforming mobile communication for Businesses

Vyoocam is transforming mobile communication for businesses with its goal to replace hand-held mobile devices with Vyoocam hands-free devices, espe...

Introducing Vyoocam Pilot Program for Businesses

Vyoocam is introducing the Pilot Program for Businesses! If You're a business and you want to be the first to support your field workers with an ea...

Finally, our new website is live!

Dear customers, our new website is finally out. To offer You a better understanding of our wearable devices, about our technology and services in ...

The best weareble devcice for the Industrial Applications by Wearable Technologies EU 2019

As the best wearable device for the Industrial application, Vyoocam was selected to present its wearable technology among other wearable tech start...

Vyoocam presented its wearable camera @ CMIC2018 finals in Heyuan, China

The most exciting micro-nano industry project competition of the year was staged today! 2018 "Qingshan Lake Cup" Wei Na Zhi (IC) Innovation Challe...

Vyoocam won the China Mobile Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Silicon Valley

2018 China Heyuan International Mobile Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (CIMC2018)-Silicon Valley Division CIMC2018 is a major interna...

To run mobile apps on a wearable camera requires a troumendous computing power - Welcome to Qualcomm!

Meet the most advanced wearable camera! To build a wearable device that can runt the latest mobile apps, the same apps people run on their powerfu...

Closed a seed round of $250K to build a working prototype based on Qualcomm technology

We proudly announce that we have closed a seed round of $250.000 to develop and build first working prototypes based on Qualcomm Snapdragon SOC. Ne...

Vyoocam graduated ReadWrite Labs accelerator program in San Francisco.

On a Demo Day in the center of San Francisco, Vyoocam graduated IoT / Wearable devices program held by ReadWrite Accelerator in San Francisco. Duri...

Why to create completely new product category and build a camera that will run mobile apps?

To build a new and innovative wearable device, the one that customer need, requires thinking outside-the-box. Vyoocam team has found out that users...

Signed a deal with Expona Sourcing

We proudly announce that we have signed Expona Global Sourcing from the US who will be responsible for our sourcing in China. In the past, Expona d...
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